Synthesis and crystal structures of unconventional oxides

  • Synthetic solid state strategies for very air-sensitive, alkaline-rich transition metallates with “unsaturated” coordination spheres (e.g. C.N. 2 and 3) or non-coordinating complex anions
  • In-situ and ex-situ studies of the reactivity

Structure-property relationships

  • Synthesis of a “template” series, tuning of magnetic properties by chemical pressure and/or substitutions (triangular, honeycomb, kagome lattices: ferro- and antiferromagnetic insulators)
  • Electronic structure and lattice dynamics studies: spectroscopic methods, ligand field and DFT calculations
  • Phase diagrams: thermodynamic measurements and determination of magnetic structures by neutron diffraction
  • Reduced structural and magnetic dimensionality: oxide-halide intergrowth materials
  • Polar and chiral structures
  • Titanium-based superconductors
  • Spin-Peierls materials
  • Topological insulators