Open Ph. D. positions in materials research:
- Sustainability / substitution of critical elements
- Environmental friendly catalytic active solids
- Physical properties


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15.04.2024: Editors` Suggestion

(Physical Review Materials)  


Confinement of magnetic solitons and edge states in a van der Waals material: FeOCl

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.8.044003



01.08.2023: We welcome Dr. Tatiana Zimogliadova

Tatiana is our new Postdoc




Congratulation's to Lenka

Prague, 12 December 2022 :

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Awards in the field of higher education, science and research were handed over today in the Senate building Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Vladimír Balaš and Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Science and Research Radka Wild.


Source "Foto MŠMT"

Dr. Lenka Kubíčková received a prestigious award for her Ph.D. Thesis at the Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics



11.11.2022: Editors Suggestion
Discrimination of Chiral and Helical Contributions to Raman Scattering of Liquid Crystals Using Vortex Beams

Silvia Müllner, Florian Büscher, Angela Möller, and Peter Lemmens

Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 207801 (2022) – Published 10 November 2022

By transferring angular momentum from structured light to chiral liquid crystals it is possible to discriminate chiral and helical contributions of Raman scattering.



01.10.2022: We welcome Dr. Lenka Kubíčková
starting her EU funded project


28.09.2022: Poster Award 2022 for Marcel Dürl and Kevin Sowa
at the 21st Inorganic Conference (Marburg) of the

GDCh-Fachgruppe Festkörperchemie & Materialforschung




July 2022
A. K. Weber, M. Panthöfer, A. Möller
Reactivity of FeMoO4 in CsCl Fluxes and Formation of the Salt-Inclusion Type of Compounds
Inorg. Chem. 61, 10108–10115 (2022)
DOI: 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.2c01195 Cover Art with permission of ACS Publications

November 2021:

Sonderforschungsbereich bewilligt:

SFB 1487 Iron, upgraded! 

Pressemitteilung DFG

Pressemitteilung TU Darmstadt

Pressemitteilung JGU Mainz


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Wir sind mit dem festkörperchemischen Teilprojekt Iron-Containing Intermetallic Compounds and Complex Oxides: Properties of Bulk and Oxidized Surfaces beteiligt!


10.09.2020: We welcome Kevin Sowa

Kevin is our new student



02.03.2020: We welcome Maurice Beske

Maurice is our new Ph. D. student



17.02.2020: We welcome Anna Weber

Anna is our new student



01.11.2019: We welcome Felix Osten

Felix is our new student



29.10.2019: Phys. Rev. Editors Suggestion